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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer service is a very high priority with The Auscoin Group. We have put together some questions that we frequently get asked and listed them below to help more people understand all aspects of what we offer.

What is the address of the AUSCOIN Smart Contract?


When will I be able to transfer my AUSCOIN Tokens?

Whitelisting of all wallet addressed, where the ICO participant contributed AU$10,000 (8ETH) you will need to complete the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) process. If you completed the registration process a representative of AUSCOIN will be in touch to take you through the process. If you contributed by directly transacting with the AUSCOIN Smart Contract then we do not have your contact details and you will need to get in touch, identify your wallet address and complete AML before you will be able to transfer your AUSCOIN.

Why does AUSCOIN require a Token?

As with all ICOs, the funds raised from the token sale process will be applied towards the fullment of the vision we have set out in our whitepaper. The funds will be used to purchase ATMs, meet installation costs and develop the software products set out in our roadmap. By creating a token, participants can not only support the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies in Australia but also be part of a token which we hope will become the “go to” token for everyday use over time. We are planning products which will enable AUSCOIN Token holders to be able to pay their rent, mortgage, insurance and more using the planned AUSCOIN Gateway. Further, the token provides a basis for our supporters to be provided discounted pricing on our ATMs if they are members of our Hoddle Club

How will the AUSCOIN value grow?

There is no guarantee that any cryptocurrency will grow in value. We are committed to enabling the AUSCOIN token to be a valuable part of the AUSCOIN ATM network and a useful payment method at the point of sale for merchants. As adoption of AUSCOIN increases, with the supply remaining xed, there is a potential for an increase in the value of the coins.

How many coins are available?

There are a total of 100 Million Coins but only 50 Million in circulation following the ICO closing.

What Platform is AUSCOIN built on?

AUSCOIN is an ERC-20 Token which is built on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Can the AUSCOIN Team dump their coins if and when the Tokens are listed on an Exchange?

AUSCOIN have hard locked the 50,000,000 AUSCOIN retained tokens so it will take a total of 14 years for AUSCOIN to have the ability to completely access the reserved tokens. This demonstrates the commitment that the AUSCOIN team have to their vision.

What cryptocurrencies can I currently buy/sell on the AUSCOIN ATMs?

Bitcoin is currently available. Lite Coin will be added March 1st, 2018. Further coins will be added including AUSCOIN in the near future, Post ICO.

If the ATMs are transacting at the levels suggested in the Whitepaper how will AUSCOIN manage the cash ow demands and physical cash logistics during a sell phase of Bitcoin.

The AUSCOIN team has vast knowledge and experience navigating through bullish and bearish markets which has given them the ability to understand and be able to mitigate any risks and liquidity issues during high volatility.

Does AUSCOIN intend on building an Exchange?

There is no current ICO fund allocation for the construction of an exchange. However, with the revenue generating and protable business model that is AUSCOIN and the ATM network, we have the ability to allocate funds for the construction and acquisition of other working models or the creation of our own exchange for the ATM Network.

What is the AUSCOIN HODL Club?

The hoddle club is a benet that AUSCOIN participants who hold a minimum of 10,000 AUSCOIN are entitled to. ¼ of the 1% that is reserved from the ATM Network will be in a pool and used tooer discounts to the Hoddle Club via the ATM Network.

How do I join the AUSCOIN HODL Club?

To join the Hoddle Club you will be required to register for it on our website post-ICO. A snapshot of the blockchain as well as KYC will need to be conducted to register your mobile number as a point of contact for the ATM Network to honour the discounts.

What happens if I sell my AUSCOIN after joining the Hoddle Club?

You need to maintain a minimum balance of 10,000 AUSCOIN to participate in the Hoddle Club. If you hold less than 10,000 AUSCOIN you will need to buy more AUSCOIN to restore your balance to 10,000 AUSCOIN in order to participate in the Hoddle CLub benets.

What is the maximum amount you can buy through the ATM?

There are currently no limits