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HODL Club has began

It is here. The AUSCOIN HODL Club. A key fundamental to the future success of the AUSCOIN token. Let’s start with the basics — what is AUSCOIN?

AUSCOIN is a new cryptocurrency that has hit the market from Australia. A peer to peer cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum Blockchain. AUSCOIN aims to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and daily life. The plan is to roll out 1200 Bitcoin ATMs across the Australian and Asia-Pacific Region.

The ICO raised shy of $3,000,000 but the project is still going ahead. There are currently 25 ATMs deployed with a further 9 ATMs ready for deployment.

New Legislation in Australia requires all digital currency providers to KYC all transactions for AML/CTF purposes. This pushed out the timeline a little but all is moving forward well.

HODL Club — the good stuff!

If you hold 10,000 or more AUSCOIN, you can apply to join the HODL Club.

Why would I want to join?

Firstly, you are entitled to discounted crypto through the network. As set out in the Whitepaper, 1% of all transactions processed through the ATMs are put back in to the network. Of this, 25% is set aside for the HODL Club.

The current discount for HODL Club Members for week one is 0.5%. There are no limits to how much you can purchase. Each week, this percentage discount will vary. Here are a few things to keep in mind ;

  1. The Pool has been building up since January 1st, 2018
  2. As more ATMs are released and the transactions increase per week, the pool allocated for the HODL Club will grow.
  3. Should the value of AUSCOIN rise, it will become more and more difficult to join the HODL Club. The more transactions processed through the network with less members, the higher the discount. There will not be a limit to how high the discount % can get.

AUSCOIN has been all over the media in Australia. With a stronghold in the largest shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s only the beginning for AUSCOIN. To read more about the project, head to our website


AUSCOIN is very transparent in what we do and likes to keep our community informed with our latest updates and achievements. Be sure to check this site frequently along with our Social Media Platforms to be sure you do not miss any AUSCOIN News.

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